The highly sought after collab album between Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole has been a topic of conversation for years. However, the idea of it actually coming to fruition hasn't seemed promising until TDE's president gave fans a small ounce of hope yesterday.

On Wednesday evening (May 20), the label's president, Terrence "Punch" Henderson, sparked chatter via social media about the ideal joint project while discussing his plans to make all of his own records available on streaming services. In the midst of this, Punch shut down fans who eagerly requested a joint project from the former XXL Freshmen. Towards the end of the Twitter exchange with fans, TDE's president had a change of heart.

One fan wrote to Punch and said, "We want Kendrick."

Another Kendrick supporter chimed in to give a full scope of what he wants to see from the Compton native, which is a short project with Cole. "I wanna put him on a 3 track Ep with @JColeNC coz the world is going through a lot and that alone would make the world so happy. Please make it happen," the Twitter user wrote.

Punch, however, quickly shut down the request. "That’s never going to happen," he said.

Another hopeful fan thought that the suggested three-track EP was brushed to the side because there is something bigger in the works. "Yeah coz we gonna get a 12 track album from them right?," a third person wrote on Twitter.

Still, Punch doubled down on what fans hope could be a potential dream come true. "0 tracks. Not happening," he said.

Hours later, the TDE president said that the collab hasn't been completely ruled out, writing, "Nah I don’t know. It might still happen. I want it to happen."

Punch, who seems surprised that folks are still eyeing the project, went on to say, "Y’all really want that album still??? Like for real? I think it would great for hip hop. I did my part though. I spoke to both of them. Hit them niggas!"

A Kendrick-J. Cole project has been in talks for about a decade. In fact, back in 2011, K. Dot told XXL that they had a project in motion that was going to "shake up a lot of people."

Although many moons have passed since the initial teasing of a collaborative effort from Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole first began, fans are still waiting patiently for a project or album to be delivered.

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