Kanye West is a happily married man. The Chicago rapper-producer had a private wedding ceremony with his new wife, Bianca Censori, back in January of 2023. Despite numerous public appearances since then, (some more suitable for work than others) the question remains: Who exactly is Bianca Censori?

Bianca Censori Is From Australia

As first reported by the New York Post, Bianca is from Australia but currently resides in Los Angeles. She is 29 years old. Bianca is also a 2017 graduate from the University of Melbourne. She attended the same school in 2020 to get her master’s degree in architecture. While studying at school, she created her own jewelry brand called Nylons Jewelry, which now appears to be defunct. Bianca was also a design consultant at Kelektiv and interned at DP Toscano, according to her LinkedIn.

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Bianca Allegedly Comes From Long Lineage of Australian Gangsters

As reported by the Australian Daily Mail, Bianca's father, Elia "Leo" Censori, was sentenced to prison for five years on a charge of heroin possession in 1982. Bianca's uncle, Eris Censori, was reportedly sentenced to life in prison in the 1980s, and at the time was dubbed "Melbourne's Al Capone." Bianca's other uncle, Eddie Censori, also reportedly has convictions in Victoria for charges related to assaulting police, theft and violent threats.

Ye Allegedly Slides Into Bianca Censori's DM's

Before Bianca began working at Kanye's Yeezy brand, she was contacted by Ye via an Instagram DM, according to a former friend. That same friend also claimed Bianca dropped out of the University of Melbourne once Ye contacted her, and questioned whether Bianca was actually even an architect. Kanye apparently asked if she wanted to come work for him, and Bianca said yes.

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Kanye West Hints at New Relationship

Kanye initially hinted about his relationship with Bianca in December of 2022 when he dropped a song with his new wife’s last name in the title. The track was called "Censori Overload." At the time, the media was calling it "Someday We'll All Be Free." The name was based on the sample of Donnie Hathaway's song that had been used.

The Grammy award-winning rapper shared the track on his Instagram page. In the caption, he wrote: "Censori overload. The variable epitope library from the antigen promotes an immune response in the body."

Bianca and Kanye Get Married

TMZ first reported on Jan. 13, 2023, that Bianca Censori had married Ye in a private wedding ceremony before officially filing for a marriage certificate. The U.K.'s Daily Mail also reported the news. That outlet additionally shared that the couple spent their honeymoon at the Amangiri—a posh, five-star resort in Utah's Grand Circle of National Parks and Monuments. Kanye's secret nuptial surprised the public when the news broke because it went down less than two months after Ye and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian finalized their divorce.

Bianca and Kanye Spotted Around Los Angeles

Bianca and Kanye began making more public appearances in the summer of 2023 as wedding rumors continued to swirl. Bianca was spotted with Ye's daughter North West for the first time shortly after the ceremony at the end of January, 2023. Then, that following June, Ye and Bianca were spotted multiple times out and about in Los Angeles. On one notable occasion, the love birds were photographed engaging in some serious PDA outside The Lobster restaurant and elsewhere.

The happy couple was then seen vacationing in Japan in late July of 2023, where they met up with Censori's parents, followed by a notorious Italy vacation in August. The happy couple were officially given their marriage license in October of 2023, and have been inseparable ever since.

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Check out some photos of Kanye West and Bianca Censori below.

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