Kanye West has recently shared semi-nude photos of his wife Bianca Censori wearing a latex face mask.

Kanye West Posts Semi-Nude Photos of His Wife n Latex Face Mask

Kanye West doesn't mind showing off his wife on social media. On Saturday (Jan. 20), the Chicago rapper-producer jumped on Instagram and posted several revealing photos of his wife Bianca Censori wearing a latex face mask and a very skimpy bikini. All the photos can be viewed below.

One photo is a face shot of Censori wearing the rubberized-looking face mask. In another picture, a scantily-clad Censori is in the kitchen with her back turned to the camera as she appears to be making breakfast. "Cream of wheat," the Vultures creator captioned the image.

In the third picture, Censori is still wearing the face mask but is also rocking a matching latex trench coat. In the final photo, Censori, who is wearing a string bikini, has her back turned away from the camera, which reveals her buttocks.

This isn't unusual for Ye. Earlier this month, the Grammy Award-winning artist celebrated Censori's 29th birthday by posting racy photos of her on his IG page.

Kanye West Goes Shopping With Wife While She Wears Tiny Bikini

On Jan. 6, video and photos emerged of Kanye and his wife shopping in Las Vegas. In one video, which can be viewed below, the couple is browsing items at the Balenciaga store at the Wynn Hotel in Sin City. Censori is wearing a very tiny bikini top that barely covers her nipples and is struggling to hold back her ample bosom. She is also barefoot and wearing a short skirt. The couple moves about as onlookers gather to get a glimpse of them

Ye and Censori left the store without acknowledging the people who had gathered to meet them and possibly get a picture.

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