It's rare for Jay-Z to comment on social media, but when he does, it's usually epic. Recently, Hov responded to LeBron James’ tweet about his powerful "God Did" verse.

On Wednesday (Aug. 31), in a rare sighting, Jay-Z jumped on his Twitter account and responded to LeBron James' tweet praising his much-heralded verse on DJ Khaled's latest album, God Did. In the Los Angeles Lakers star's tweet, he included an MSNBC report from Ari Melber, who referenced Hov's four-minute verse while talking about the U.S.'s failed war on drugs policies from the Richard Nixon administration to the Donald Trump administration.

"Listen! Then listen again to make sure you got the point. HOV DID!!!! And so did the reporter! [goat emoji] TALK," LeBron tweeted.

The Roc Nation cofounder caught wind of the NBA legend's tweet and wrote back to him.

"My only goal is to make the real “ones” feel seen , forgive me that’s my passion talking ….. haa .," he typed.

In Hov’s tweet, he refers to his last couplet on "God Did" where he references the 1996 60 Minutes interview between Mike Wallace and the Nation of Islam leader the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

"Forgive me, that's my passion talkin' (Haha)/Sometimes I feel like Farrakhan (Haha) talkin' to Mike Wallace (Haha)," he raps on the song.

Melber also responded to Bron’s tweet with a lyric from the song as well.

In Melber’s nearly 12-minute report, he saluted Jay-Z's verse for the rhymer's detailed story of how he went from the streets selling drugs illegally to now becoming a billionaire while giving others the blueprint to achieve their billionaire status.

"Jay-Z using an unusually long four minutes of straight poetry to tackle the drug war, business discrimination and perseverance," he said. "The poetry, Jay, also known as Hov, marveling from how he went from nothing to a billion and touting how others came from the same space or crib."

"Kanye, Rihanna and LeBron who's linked to Jay's Roc Nation company," he continued. "To Jay's link there, technically the caveat, LeBron on his own, and a double entendre for technical fouls in basketball."

Ari Melber is famous for weaving rap lyrics into his news broadcasts. This time around, the 42-year-old journalist gives the hip-hop icon his flowers.

Watch Ari Melber’s Report "Nixon-Trump’s Failed Drug War Shredded In Epic New Jay-Z Hit" Below

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