GloRilla isn't known to be in serious feuds, but it seems like she and Kai Cenat are having a bit of a funny beef over a song and getting blocked on Instagram.

GloRilla and Kai Cenat Engage in Funny Beef Over Song and Getting Blocked on Instagram

On Saturday night (Oct. 28), GloRilla, who admits she was intoxicated, decided to troll Kai Cenat, with whom she has a rumored beef, after he gave her song "Cha Cha Cha" featuring Fivo Foreign a thumbs down during his Twitch livestream earlier this month. The well-known Twitch personality is currently participating in a strange livestream experiment in which he and several of his friends are locked up in a fake jail for seven consecutive days.

The Memphis rapper jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, and jokingly wrote, "I'm drunk af rn I might f**k around & unblock Kai."

Although Kai is in a fictitious jail, he has access to the internet and caught wind of Big Glo's tweet. In a clip from his livestream below, Kai told Glo: "You made your bed, you better stay there!"

Kai's comment was in reference to GloRilla's response earlier this month when a fan asked her on Instagram Live why she blocked the popular streamer on social media.

"Don’t come on my f**king live and ask me about nobody that I done blocked," she said in the video below. "They blocked and they gon’ stay there. You made your bed, you gotta lay there. He know why he blocked."

Meanwhile, GloRilla may have also jokingly threatened Kai on Saturday during an IG Live session. The "Tomorrow 2" rapper warned Kai that he is not safe in his fake jail and that she and her goons might run up in there and do bodily harm.

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NLE Choppa Acts Wild With Kai Cenat In Fake Jail Livestream

GloRilla wasn't the only Memphis rapper having an odd moment with Kai Cenat this weekend.

On Saturday, fellow rhymer NLE Choppa stepped inside the fake jail as a special guest and literally played the role of an out-of-control inmate.

During his appearance, Choppa went on a bizarre rant telling Kai that he's not going to let anyone violate him while he's incarcerated in the fictitious jail.

"I'm not gonna let him play with my booty…I'ma f**k him," he said. "I'm not gonna let him play with my booty. That s**t is unfair. And I don't care what chu think about me Kai, that s**t is unfair."

Additionally, Choppa may have also whipped out his manhood during the livestream while trying to have oral sex with porn star Teanna Trump who is playing a security guard at the fake jail.

Kai Cenat's seven-day jail experiment will probably go down as the weirdest livestream ever.

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Check out Big Glo and Kai Cenat engaging in their fun and unsubstantiated beef below.

Watch GloRilla and Kai Cenat Have Funny Beef Over Song and Getting Blocked on Instagram

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