NLE Choppa was wilding out with Kai Cenat during the Twitch personality's seven-day livestream from a fake jail.

NLE Choppa and Kai Cenat Wilding Out in Livestream From Fake Jail

On Friday (Oct. 28), Kai Cenat launched a weird livestream experiment where he and his friends are locked up in a fake jail for seven days. During his fictional incarceration, rappers and social media personalities will stop by and pretend they are inmates. Last night, NLE Choppa stepped inside the jail and literally played the role of a deranged inmate.

One moment from the livestream featured the Memphis rapper acting wild because someone pretended to ask him for sexual favors in jail. In the video below, Choppa goes on an insane rant telling Kai that he's not going to let anyone violate him while he's incarcerated.

"I'm not gonna let him play with my booty…I'ma f**k him," he said. "I'm not gonna let him play with my booty."

"That s**t is unfair. And I don't care what chu think about me Kai, that s**t is unfair," he continued, adding that he's fictitiously serving four life sentences.

Again, Choppa is playing the character of an out-of-control inmate. While Choppa thinks he's being an actor, some people might not find Kai's fake jail livestream a joking matter.

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NLE Choppa May Have Shown His Private Part During Kai Cenat's Livestream From Fake Jail

NLE Choppa truly went overboard with his character of an out-of-control jailed inmate. During his time at the fake jail, the "Slut Me Out" rhymer may have shown his penis during the livestream.

According to viewers, Choppa allegedly whipped out his manhood while trying to have oral sex with porn star Teanna Trump who is playing a security guard at the fake jail. In the video below, although you don't see Choppa's body part, Kai seems visibly worried that NLE revealed something that wasn't supposed to be seen on his livestream.

In another weird moment, NLE Choppa is seen playfully bullying another inmate. When Kai sees what the rapper is doing, he tries to quell the situation by asking everyone in his jail cell to sing Nicki Minaj's 2011 song "Moment 4 Life."

Kai Cenat's livestream from a fake jail will feature several rappers and social media personalities appearing as fake inmates. Among them are Ski Mask The Slump God, Offset, Chrisean Rock, Druski and more. This is, arguably, Kai's weirdest livestream ever.

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Check out NLE Choppa's wild antics during Kai Cenat's livestream from a fake jail below.

Watch NLE Choppa Acting Wild With Kai Cenat in Seven-Day Livestream From Fake Jail

Watch NLE Choppa Allegedly Showing His Private Part During Kai Cenat's Livestream From Fake Jail

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