NLE Choppa is the latest rapper having fun with the trending NPC livestream game. In a video that was posted on social media, the Memphis rapper hilariously pretends he's a knight, an elephant and more in the NPC trend.

NLE Choppa Plays NPC Livestream Game

On Friday (Aug. 18), TikTok user @lightcapz28 posted a video of NLE Choppa playing the livestream game where a player acts out various NPCs (short for nonplayer characters) that fans post in the chat. The TikTok trend is very popular and helps creators earn extra cash while interacting with their fans, according to the BBC.

In the video, Choppa playfully acts as a knight and shouts, "Time for war! Time for war!" upon seeing his face encased in an illustrated helmet avatar. When someone puts elephant ears and a trunk on the "Shake It" rapper's face, he attempts to trumpet like the large animal. When a heart is posted over Choppa's head, he responds with gratitude and love by repeatedly saying, "Thank you for the heart, I love you."

The livestream game may seem weird, but it's all in good fun.

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Nicki Minaj Has Fun Acting Out Video Game Characters in NPC Trend

Last week, Twitter user @Snshores posted a video of Nicki Minaj playing the NPC game with her fans on TikTok. In the clip, the New York rhymer is acting out various video game avatars that fans are posting in the chat.

When someone posted an avatar of a glass of lemonade, Nicki pretends she's slurping the libation. When she sees a microphone avatar she responds, "Oh a microphone. Y'all know what I do on that mic, I destroy these hoes."

You can watch Queen Barbz's video below.

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Watch NLE Choppa play the NPC livestream challenge below.

Watch NLE Choppa Hilariously Act Out Avatars in the NPC Trend

@lightcapz28 BRO WHAT😂😂#nlechoppa #goofy #gettinhotinhere ♬ original sound - Light

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