NLE Choppa's basketball court he recently unveiled with a charity organization for the Memphis community to use was destroyed by fireworks just after it was built.

What Happened to NLE Choppa's Basketball Court?

According to a report from FOX13 Memphis on June 4, firefighters responded to a call about a fire at the Raleigh Community Center in Memphis. When they got to the scene, they found the basketball court was destroyed by fireworks that went off in the middle of the court.

The Memphis Fire Department stated that his basketball court was covered in flames. They soon discovered that fireworks was the reason for its destruction. Choppa has said that the basketball court was meant to be an inspiration and motivation for the youth, which is stalled now due to its destruction.

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NLE Choppa Creates Dream Court For His Community

The "Angel Pt. 1" wordsmith created this basketball court in partnership with Nancy Lieberman Charities at the Raleigh Community Center in Memphis. After meeting at a game last year, the two decided to build the new court. They had been working together on the court for many months.

"I was just pulled toward him and his kindness," Lieberman said. "We just hit it off."

Choppa was moved to create a hub that allows local kids to play ball. The rapper adds that his basketball court is meant to be an "inspiration and motivation for the youth." On May 24, he announced that his dream court was complete.

"It's a beautiful thing, you know?" he said to FOX13 Memphis.

The rapper also revealed that there'll be more basketball courts in the future.

"I feel like it's going to be major for the city, and this is just the first one," he admitted. "We're going to have many more coming."

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How Did This Terrible Hit on NLE Choppa's Basketball Court Affect The Community?

NLE Choppa's mom and other Memphis locals had quite a few words to say about the former XXL Freshman's dream court being hit by fireworks this past weekend.

On Tuesday (June 5), FOX13 Memphis reported that Angeleta Potts, the Memphis rapper's mom, was taken aback by the unwarranted vandalism.

"All types of things run through your mind, and it's like, who in the world would destroy a basketball court that is built for kids," Potts said to a news reporter in the video below.

Raleigh residents who didn't even get a chance to play on the basketball court are still trying to make sense of what happened. Moreover, they wonder why someone would destroy something good for their community.

Watch the Destruction of NLE Choppa's Basketball Court Below

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