Fans can't get over how much Drake looks like he aged significantly in new photos from Michael Rubin's all-white party.

Fans Are Shocked at How Much Drake Has Aged in Michael Rubin Party Photo

On Friday (July 5), photos began to surface on social media from Michael Rubin's all-white party, which was held at his mansion on Thursday (July 4). Among the A-list celebrities in attendance was Drake, who posed for a photo with Michael. However, this particular image generated significant buzz and discussion among fans.

In the viral pic below, Drake looks like he aged significantly while standing next to Michael, who is the founder and CEO of Fanatics, a global sports apparel company. Hundreds of people on X, formerly known as Twitter, chimed in with their thoughts on the aging OVO Sound leader.

Some fans believe Drizzy's rap battle with Kendrick Lamar has put a toll on him age-wise. Other people believed that Drake's partying lifestyle is draining his youthful looks.

"This Kendrick beef really took a toll on this man huh? Damn. Drake over here aging like a President now. The more I look at this, the more it starts to not even look like Drake. This is Aubrey now," observed one fan on X.

Another person commented: "We haven't even heard from you, you look drained, you look exhausted boy, them late nights ain't good for you, really starting to show on you."

A third user cleverly wrote: "Kendrick is aging like fine wine. Drake is aging like milk. Damn."

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Fans Have Mixed Reactions Over Drake's Madame Tussauds Wax Figure

Amid the talk about Drake's noticeably older appearance in a photo from Michael Rubin's party, fans were also mystified by a wax figure of the Toronto rap superstar at Madame Tussauds.

On Tuesday (July 2), Madame Tussauds unveiled a revamped Music area at Madame Tussauds New York, which included a new wax figure of Drake. The Drizzy statue is rocking a khaki jacket, gray T-shirt, black and khaki tie-dye jeans, a pair of white Air Force 1 sneakers and signature jewelry. The figure is also posing with his iconic owl hand sign.

Some fans were divided on how to feel in regards to the Drake wax figure.

"That looks Identical to him," one person wrote, while another added the wax figure, "looks better than Drake."

Other people weren't feeling it and were disgusted by the waxy 6 God.

"That's not Drake that's rake," another fan wrote.

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Check out fans' remarks about Drake who looks like he aged significantly in a viral photo from Michael Rubin's all-white party below.

See Fans' Reactions to How Much Drake Looks Like He Aged in a Photo From Michael Rubin's All-White Party

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