Eminem sent Melle Mel a message and slammed The Game on a new diss track.

Eminem Goes In on The Game and Melle Mel on Scathing Diss Track

On Friday (Aug. 4), Shady Records artist Ez Mil dropped a new song called "Realest," which features Eminem going after his rap foes who questioned his legitimacy in hip-hop. Co-produced by Mil and Em, the song features a fist-thumping lunchroom table beat and a popping snare that allows them to spit a variety of flows on the track.

While it may be Mil's introductory song to the world, Eminem outshines him with his lyrical darts aimed at The Game, Melle Mel and Lord Jamar. On the song, the Detroit rhymer boasts that he is the G.O.A.T. and that other rappers are jealous of him. Slim Shady first takes aim at The Game who rapped that no one plays Eminem in the clubs on his 10-minute diss song "Black Slim Shady."

"All the envious rappers I'd torch if I'm on a joint with 'em/And that is the only retort is I'm not played in the clubs muthaf**ka put a cork in it/Only reason they still play your s**t in the clubs/(Why?) is 'cause you still perform in 'em," Em spits.

In the next verse, Em goes after Lord Jamar who have said in previous interviews that Eminem is a guest in the house of hip-hop.

"I am a guest in this house but I turned this b***h to a mansion," he raps, adding, "That's an expansion made it gargantuan England Germany France and Japan's in this b***h/Even Dubai because my music they do buy."

Finally, his last verse, Em delivers some harsh lyrics to Furious Five member Melle Mel who have said in previous interviews that that only reason why Eminem is considered a top five rapper is because he's White. In his response, Slim Shady calls Mel a juice head.

"Shout to the Furious Five and Grandmaster Flash but boy (What up doe)/There's someone who really is furious stay out his path his wrath avoid/And I'll be the last to toy with a juice head whose brain is like half destroyed/Like a meteor hit it well there went Melle Mel we lost his ass to ’roids (Damn)."

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Who Is Ez Mil?

Ez Mil is a Filipino-American rapper who recently signed with Eminem's Shady Records, Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records and Interscope Records. The 25-year-old rhymer made the announcement last week on his Instagram page and Shady Records dropped a press release as well.

Additionally, Eminem jumped on Twitter and shared a link to Ez Mil's music video for "Up Down (Step & Walk)" with the caption, This is why we signed him." Watch it below.

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Peep Eminem's Diss below.

Listen to Eminem Diss The Game and Melle Mel on Ez Mil's New Single "Realest" Below

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