It's been a rough few weeks for Desiigner but it looks like he's getting the help that he needs. While the Brooklyn rapper is in a mental health facility, he plans to drop new music.

On Wednesday (May 3), Desiigner celebrated his 26th birthday by updating his fans on his mental health and delivering them new music. The "Panda" rhymer posted a message on his Instagram page announcing that he plans to drop a new song on Friday (May 5) while he is in a mental health facility.

"I turned 26 today and i want to thank ya’ll for holding me down," his missive began. "I admitted myself into a facility last week to focus on my mental health. But before that i had planned to release TIIMMY TURNER 2 this week as a surprise to my fans. I recorded this joint a while ago and it reflects on where i’ve been mentally over the past year."

"As my birthday gift to y'all i asked my team to put the song out this Friday [May 5]," he continued. "Sorry i can't promote it the way i like to cause I'm off the grid, but i just want to give you some new music while i take time away to become a better me."

Desiigner added: "I’m going through a tough time right now but i won’t let my struggles define who i am. I will come back stronger and make more music that connects with all of you on a deeper level."

"For those of you dealing with any mental health issues, it's okay to ask for help," he concluded.

Desiigner's message comes after he was hit with an indecent exposure charge following his bizarre in-flight incident last month. According to TMZ, the former G.O.O.D. Music artist was on a Delta flight returning to the States from Asia sitting in first-class with his member fully exposed while pleasuring himself in full view of flight attendants.

Desiigner was told repeatedly to stop and eventually was relocated to the back of the plane where he was monitored by his two handlers. The rapper reportedly dropped a jar of Vaseline as he was changing seats. Once he landed in Minneapolis on April 17, 2023, he was questioned by police and let go.

When news broke about the incident, Desiigner released a statement revealing that he was going through a mental health crisis and that he would seek professional help as soon as possible.

The original "Timmy Turner" track was created in 2016, when he did his XXL Freshman freestyle and debuted the finger-snapping performance.

Hopefully, Desiigner is getting the proper treatment for his mental health. Get well.

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