YK Osiris has been the subject of playful ridicule ever since he crooned his way out of supposedly owing Drake $60,000. Now, OVO Sound artist Baka Not Nice has YK doing sit-ups on Drizzy’s private plane.

On Wednesday (Dec. 8), Baka shared a clip on his Instagram Story of YK finishing a round of sit-ups on Drake’s plane, dubbed “Air Drake.”

“You strugglin’?” Baka asked the “Worth It” singer. YK responded, “Huh?” to which Baka asked again, “You was strugglin’ with them push-ups?”

“Nah,” YK replied as Baka chuckled at him.

When the clip surfaced on social media, many people speculated that YK was doing sit-ups to pay off the $60,000 debt that he owed Drake. However, some folks believed that the 6 God is turning the singer into his personal "court jester."

"I’m cryingggggggggg YK Osiris is bragging about hanging with drake but they got this nigga doing cartwheels on demand 😂😂😂 hell nah," wrote one person on Twitter.

Another user tweeted, "YK Osiris needs to go ahead and file chapter 7 Bankruptcy on his debt he owes these rappers. There’s no way he’s doing sit ups to pay Drake back."

Another fan thinks YK his humiliating himself by hanging around Drake’s orbit.

"Drake got YK Osiris getting on planes cheesin like he a twitter honey...ain’t no going back for dude..." they tweeted.

The aforementioned tweet is referring to YK’s IG video in which he was boasting about flying on Drake’s private jet. In the clip, the South Florida singer briefly sings, “I’m on an Airrr Draaake,” before boarding the aircraft.

Later, YK would tease Soulja Boy by proclaiming himself the first rapper to ride Air Drake. However, SB quickly reminded him that was not the case.

“Hold on, YK Osiris," Soulja said in his IG video. "You not even a rapper. You can’t say you’re the first rapper to do nothin’. You got to say you was the first R&B singer."

Meanwhile, YK defended himself from critics who felt that he shouldn’t be taking pictures on Drake’s plane. In an IG clip, the singer said his haters would do the same thing if they were in his position.

“If you niggas was doing the same thing I was doing y’all would take pictures too," he said. "Y’all would do videos too. Who wouldn’t?”

“You crazy," he continued. "You better enjoy every moment, nigga. You can’t just run by a moment like that, nigga, you’re crazy. I’m taking videos of everything!”

Check out more Twitter reactions to YK Osiris doing sit-ups on Drake’s plane below.

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