Although YK Osiris might be the first artist to sing his way out of a $60,000 debt, the “Worth It” singer recently boasted that he was the first rapper to get on Drake’s plane. However, Soulja Boy disagrees.

On Tuesday (Dec. 7), the 2019 XXL Freshman jumped on his Instagram page and shared a video of himself climbing aboard Drake’s jumbo private jet dubbed “Air Drake.” Before boarding, YK croons an impromptu riff, “I’m on an Aiirr Draaake.”

“Oh my God, who's doing it like me, man?” he boasted. “Stop playin’ with me, man. Stop playin’ with me...I’m tired of playin’ with you niggas, man. I’m on Air Drake, stop playin’ with me.”

YK would later post a photo of himself all alone on Drizzy’s spacious jet chillaxing to his next destination.

“IM ON THE AIRR DRAKE,” he wrote in all caps in the caption and added an owl emoji to represent Drake’s OVO Sound insignia. “YOU TELLING ME YOU WOULDN’T TAKE A PICTURE IN THIS BIG ASS JET.”

The South Florida artist also hopped on his Instagram Live to deliver a comical jab at Soulja Boy.

“Somebody tell Soulja Boy that. The first rapper to get on the greatest rapper plane first,” he proclaimed. “Go tell Soulja Boy that.”

Big Draco caught wind of YK’s comments and responded on his IG Live with a keen observation. “Hold on, YK Osiris, you not even a rapper. You can’t say you’re the first rapper to do nothin’,” he said. “You got to say you was the first R&B singer,” he added with a chuckle.

Soulja Boy may have a point. Although he’s known for his R&B ballads, YK also has songs where he’s rap-singing over a smoothed-out trap beat like his 2020 track “Money Keep Coming.”

Nevertheless, at least YK doesn’t owe SB any money.

After clearing his $60,000 IOU with Drake by singing a cappella in his crib, YK vowed to be debt-free in 2022.

"All my debts are clear, OK," he said in an IG video. "All my debts are clear. Starting Jan. 1."

In the meantime, YK Osiris is working on the follow-up to his 2019 debut effort, The Golden Child.

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