Yung Miami's debut on BMF has people underwhelmed and mercilessly clowning the City Girls rapper's acting skills.

Yung Miami made her first appearance on the popular crime saga on Friday (March 10), playing the role of Deanna Washington. In a scene that is going viral, Big Meech's character meets with Washington to inform her of the death of her husband. Yung Miami's character begins to cry before lashing out at Meech and slapping him.

"I want whoever did this to pay," she says.

Yung Miami is trending on Twitter, with people opining that her acting skills are terribly not up to par.

"I loveeeee Yung Miami, but that acting was very much trash. Understand she’s a well known rapper, but baby girl needs acting lessons," one person tweeted.

"Please give actors/actresses the chance to be on this show," another post on the topic reads. "No more guest star rappers that can’t act. We already let it slide with bad acting Lala but that Yung Miami shit is not it."

"Bruh…Yung Miami is the worst actress ever ‍…If I didnt know it was BMF, I would think that scene when she slapped Meech was on Tubi," another person typed.

"Yung miami in bmf was literally one of they top 5 worst decisions," someone else tweeted.

Yung Miami even responded to one person who noted how the rapper's serious role was unintentionally funny.

"Caresha had me screaming on BMF last night she’s mad funny," a fan wrote.

"It wasn't funny lol," the South Florida rapper replied along with a side-eye emoji.

Yung Miami is the latest rapper to appear on the 50 Cent executive produced BMF series including Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kash Doll and Lil Zane.

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