In the wake of several YSL members taking plea deals in Young Thug's upcoming racketeering trial, the rapper's dad said his son should reject a plea deal if offered one.

In an interview with Infamous Sylvia, which was conducted on Friday (Dec. 30) via her Twitter account, Young Thug's father, Jeffery Williams, Sr., proclaimed his son's innocence and said if prosecutors offered the embattled rapper a plea deal, he should reject it.

During the interview, Sylvia asked Williams, Sr. a viewer question: "[Should] Young Thug take a plea if he is offered one?"

"I can't answer that because I'm not him," Williams, Sr. responded at the 56-minute mark in the video below. "I'm his father. My son is not guilty of a lot of things that these people [prosecutors] probably sayin' about him."

He continued: "As a father, if they came to him with a plea deal and he left it up to me to give him the advice. I would tell him, 'No.'"

Jeffery Williams, Sr. explained that if prosecutors have so much evidence against his son, including 300 witnesses, then why offer him a plea deal? The patriarch believed that if prosecutors would offer his son a plea deal, then they should, instead, apologize to Thugger, let him go and drop all charges. "A plea is a let out," he stated.

Elsewhere in the interview, Williams Sr. said he empathized with people who have lost their loved ones to gun violence in Atlanta, but he alleged that Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis is trying to pin all the murders in the city on his son, which he believed is unjust.

Jeffery Williams, Sr.'s statement comes as several YSL members, including Gunna, have struck plea deals with prosecutors ahead of Young Thug's RICO trial.

Meanwhile, Young Thug's attorney, Brian Steel maintains the biggest problem in the ATL rapper's racketeering case are YSL members taking plea deals that incriminate his client.

In Sylvia's interview, Jeffery Williams, Sr. said he will be in the courtroom every day in support of his son.

"I'm a parent. I'm a father," he stated. "I'm not that daddy who just there. Right now, it's me and him against the world."

Young Thug's RICO trial is scheduled to begin on Jan. 9, 2023.

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