Following a two-day recess, the YNW Melly's double-murder trial reconvened for day five.

Judge Denies YNW Melly Motion for Mistrial in Double-Murder Case

On Tuesday (June 20), after a short delay due to a hospitalized juror, the day started with news that Judge John Murphy III had denied YNW Melly's attorney's motion for a mistrial. The request was made during day four of the trial on June 15 and the motion for the mistrial submitted on June 16.

There was also an issue of a juror questioning a bailiff about the mistrial motion before it was announced. The juror was then asked how they knew about the mistrial. The juror in question said they heard about the motion last week from a defense attorney and had not found out from outside media or independent research, which could have been grounds to have the juror removed. Both sides ultimately decided it was OK to let the juror stay on the trial.

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Witness Testimony During Day Five of the YNW Melly Double-Murder Trial

The first person to take the stand today was T-Mobile Emergency Response worker Susana Johnson who discussed cellphone technology. A member of law enforcement also testified on the topic. This was the basis of much of the day, with continuous objections and sidebars again being prevalent during today's hearing.

Day six of the trial will begin on Wednesday (June 21) at 9 a.m.


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Watch the Entire Live Stream of Day Five of the YNW Melly Double-Murder Trial Below

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