YG's beef with 6ix9ine has officially gone international. After weeks of feuding with the Brooklyn rapper, the Stay Dangerous MC took out his frustrations when he cursed out a fan who claimed to be on team Tekashi. Yesterday (Nov. 19), TMZ posted a video of YG lashing out at the fan at an airport in Melbourne after a tour stop down under. Once the fan flashed his Tekashi 6ix9ine T-shirt at him and his crew, YG responded accordingly.

"Fuck you and 6ix9ine, you punk bitch," YG shouted at the fan. Another member of YG's entourage saw the fan and apparently recognized him as someone who had allegedly took a photo with YG just a day before the incident.

It doesn't seem like YG will let go of his beef with 6ix9ine anytime soon. Recently, the "Big Bank" rapper laughed about the demise of 6ix9ine's video shoot with Kanye West and Nicki Minaj, which ended with gunfire a couple of weeks ago. YG's reaction was partly because Tekashi trolled him after the Bompton rapper's Uber ride crashed in Los Angeles and called out his street credibility weeks prior.

YG's latest outburst against 6ix9ine comes shortly after the Brooklyn rapper was arrested and hit with racketeering and firearms charges. 6ix9ine faces up to 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

Watch YG lash out at the 6ix9ine fan in the TMZ video below.

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