The Young Thug YSL trial has resumed following a multi-week recess and many people are trying to figure out what is the mysterious device the rapper is wearing under his shirt.

What Is the Mysterious Item Under Young Thug's Sweater?

On Tuesday (Jan. 2), Young Thug returned to Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia for the YSL trial. In video from the trial, which can be seen below, the rapper can be seen with an electrical wire hanging from under his sweater. In one moment during the trial, Thug is seen fidgeting with whatever the item is. He moves the device around under his shirt in an apparent attempt to adjust it while talking to his lawyer Brian Steel.

Law and Crime Network executive producer Cathy Russon noted the bulge under the rapper's sweater on social media.

"What is under YoungThug's sweater??" she wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, along with a video clip. "I've never seen anything like this on a defendant. It's not a shock device. There is a white cord hanging below. You think it's a heating pad? Strange."

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Young Thug YSL Trial Continues

Following Young Thug codefendant Shannon Stillwell being stabbed in jail on Dec. 10, 2023, Judge Ural Glanville decided to postpone the trial for the holiday. The trial resumed on Tuesday with Stillwell present. The trial is expected to last several months.

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See the viral video of Young Thug fidgeting with a device under his shirt during Day 12 of the Young Thug YSL trial below.

Watch a Clip of Day 12 of the Young Thug YSL Trial

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