A State witness in the Young Thug YSL RICO trial became hostile and began to refuse to answer questions during yesterday's hearing.

Witness Refuses Questioning From State

On Tuesday (April 9), Day 56 of the Young Thug YSL RICO trial took place in Fulton County Superior Court. During the tail-end of yesterday's case, the State called witness D'angelo White to the stand. White, who is from Young Thug's Cleveland Ave. stomping ground, started out answering questions from the State about his past. Things began to get contentious when the prosecutor began asking White questions specifically about Young Thug.

"What do this got to do with me?" White answered one question around the 6:45:00 mark of the video below. "This ain't got nothing to do with me. I shouldn't be here."

From there, he continued to repeat, "I shouldn't be here" to every question he was asked.

"Why am I here? This is not my case," White added. The prosecutor continued to try to ask White questions but he refused to give answers. Court eventually went to recess.

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YSL RICO Case Drags On

After beginning on Nov. 27, 2023, there have only been 56 days of actual trial. The trial doesn't appear like it will come to a conclusion anytime soon. Most recently, an attorney for the defense claimed the case could take up to three years to try at its current pace. The State initially had 700 witnesses. The list was cut down to 400 and has since reportedly been chopped down to 200.

The state of Georgia has charged Young Thug and his five codefendants of being a violent street gang that committed various crimes throughout Atlanta over the past decade.

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See the video of the witness refusing to answer questions in the YSL RICO trial below.

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