Young Thug's YSL RICO trial has finally begun, following 10 months of pre-trial motions and jury selection. Thugger has the cards stacked against him. However, he has Brian Steel, one of the most experienced attorneys in Georgia on his case.

Who Is Brian Steel?

Brian Steel has served as a defense attorney since 1991, graduating from Fordham University School of Law in 1990. Steel has appeared in criminal courts across the country including South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, California and more. He's currently one of Georgia's most prestigious criminal appellate attorneys and has 300 published works and 45 reversals to his credit.

His resume as a defense attorney is vast, as Steel's tried everything from RICO and immigration fraud cases to child sex offenses and murder. He currently runs The Steel Law Firm, P.C. alongside his wife Colette, and earlier this year was named one of Billboard's Top Music Lawyers.

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Brian Steel Fights for Young Thug's Freedom

Prior to the start of the trial, Brian Steel fought hard to get Thug released on bond, but to no avail on multiple occasions. He also made a hail-mary attempt to get the RICO charges thrown out entirely back in June. Steel claimed the crimes the state was trying to prove would have allegedly occurred outside the statute of limitations, but Judge Ural Glanville wasn't buying it.

Now that the trial has officially started, Steel's talents as a defense attorney were on full display on Tuesday (Nov. 28). During opening arguments of the case, he attempted to prove that Young Thug is not the criminal mastermind, and is merely a "studio gangster." He spoke about Thug as a considerate member of his community and attempted to give positive association to all the monikers Thug uses.

In the clips below, check out some of the arguments Brian Steel made during the second day of the Young Thug and YSL RICO trial.

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