People are not too pleased with Valee right now.

On Monday (May 27), the G.O.O.D. Music rapper shared an Instagram video of his freshly-dyed dog timidly walking outside. The rapper was immediately met with criticism for both the red dye job and the asphalt he was walking on.

"It look like the ground too hot for bro. He tried to sit down and burnt his ass. Y’all didn’t catch that ?" one Twitter user wrote in response. "A PET IS NOT A GODAMN FASHION ACCESSORY," another wrote.

Upon seeing the responses, Valee returned to the thread the following day (May 28), and clarified a few things.

"dis edible vegan dye... no chemicals. And it’s 60 degrees here, not hot. y’all wild," he wrote. (He also responded to a fan who hoped that the dog was named Clifford, and revealed his name is indeed Cliff Notez.)

His clarification seemed to help slightly among a small handful of people, but the replies were still generally negative throughout the whole ordeal. Many people responded saying that even though the dye was considered "vegan," it's still not healthy for his pet. The rapper/actor has not taken down the post or shared an image of the dog back to its regular fur color, so it seems like he's not letting the responses deter him—at least for now.

You can view Valee's dog and the responses to the post for yourself below.

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