The Game continues to insist that he’s a better rapper than Eminem.

During his interview with All the Smoke podcast, which premiered Friday (May 27) on YouTube, The Game told co-hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson that although Eminem is an outstanding lyricist, he could still beat him in a rap battle. “When I say that I want to rap battle with Eminem, or Eminem is not the greatest rapper, or I’m better than him...I’m supposed to think that I’m better than every single rapper,” the Compton, Calif. rapper explained at the 58-minute mark.

The Game added that Slim Shady has received major support through Dr. Dre and Interscope Records, which he believes catapulted the Detroit rhymer to greatest MC status.

“[I’m] not saying that [Eminem] can’t rap, the skillset is there. I’m just a better rapper,” he stated. “I just haven’t been given the light that he’s been given. They didn’t put the money behind me."

When The Game says "they," he is referring to his former labels Aftermath and Interscope Records. The Documentary artist feels that the Interscope “machine” made Eminem into a great rapper, and that’s why he’s getting all the accolades he’s currently getting. The Game believes that if he received the same kind of economic and marketing push from Interscope as Em did, he would be considered a great MC as well.

The Game acknowledged that he knows that his boasting of being a better rapper than Eminem will garner headlines, but he stands by his statement. "[Eminem is] a great lyricist, he’s just not better than me and if he is better than me I need to see it," he said.

Only time will tell if we eventually see a rap battle between The Game and Eminem.

Watch The Game’s full interview with All the Smoke podcast below.

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