T.I. has addressed King Harris' recent arrest and said that his son will end up in prison if he continues his bad behavior.

On Friday (Sept. 2), T.I. hopped on his Instagram account and posted a video of himself talking about King Harris' arrest earlier this week. It's still unknown what his son was arrested for but his mugshot went viral on social media. In the clip, Tip spoke candidly about King’s arrest and his destructive behavior.

"If he goddamn keep that shit up, his ass going to prison," he said. "Ain't no way around it, ain't nothing I'ma be able to do about it. Can’t nobody stop him but him, nah mean?"

"'Cause I know that energy. I was that energy. I know exactly how it's going to turn out," he added.

T.I. said that he has talked to King on numerous occasions but he still has a lot of growing up to do.

"King's a good kid chasing the wrong shit," he said. "I trust in God to deal with it how he see fit... [King] gonna have to go through and get through it."

"I'm gonna love him all the way through whatever it is he's going through," he continued. "He's gon' learn his lessons. Life is going to teach him all the lessons he needs to know."

Tip concluded: "Time is gon' be his teacher."

T.I. has had to addressed his son’s behavior in the past. Back in May, the Altanta rap veteran was perplexed as to why his son would be engaged in a verbal altercation with employees at Waffle House. A video of the heated argument became a talking point on the gossip blogs.

"Of course, I spoke with my son. Me and his uncles," T.I. told his viewers on IG Live. "We were perplexed by his necessity to go back-and-forth with the short-order cook. I didn’t understand why he felt he needed to stop what he was doing to engage someone who's at another level of life."

King Harris’ behavior is rather perplexing considering that he graduated from high school with honors back in June.

Watch T.I.'s Video Regarding King Harris' Recent Arrest and His Behavior Below

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