Soulja Boy claims that he started the new wave in hip-hop culture.

Soulja Boy Highlights the Impact He Says He's Made on the New Wave of Hip-Hop

As the entire rap game celebrated 50 years of hip-hop this past weekend, Soulja Boy hit up Twitter on Sunday (Aug. 13), to celebrate himself. Never one to shy away from speaking on his own accolades, the "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" rapper is once again making the declaration that when it comes to the streaming era and social media interactions with fans, he's a whole trailblazer despite what any naysayers may think.

"When I came in the game they said I killed hip hop," Soulja Boy states in the tweet below. "But really, I birthed the new wave of hip hop with internet/streaming. Ahead of my time. #HipHop50"

Soulja Boy adds in a follow-up tweet: "Now everyone vlogs their career like me. Now everyone uploads their music to the internet. Now everyone goes live for their fans. I started it. Thank me or not. Flowers/Credit or not. #HipHop50"

Soulja Boy Has Actually Been Given His Flowers in Hip-Hop

While Big Draco often considers himself an unrecognized pioneer in the rap game, Soulja Boy has actually been given his flowers when it comes to what he's delivered to the culture. In fact, when the entire night was dedicated to hip-hop's 50th anniversary at the 2023 BET Awards back in June, the "Pretty Boy Swag" spitter's performance was a primary focus during a segment that paid homage to the artists who've gone viral for dances they've created, specifically for "Crank That (Soulja Boy)."

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Soulja Boy Was the First Rapper to Do Many Things and Has the Receipts

It's no question that Soulja Boy has made some head-scratching claims in the past that include outlandishly giving himself credit for being the first rapper to take a selfie and inventing FaceTime, among plenty of other wild assertions. However, the fact is Draco's influence in many aspects of hip-hop is pretty undeniable.

Aside from things like being the first rapper to earn 1 million likes on a single tweet and being the first spitter to own his own gaming console, one thing that no one can ever take away from Soulja Boy is that he was definitely the first hip-hop artist to go viral on YouTube with the dance craze he started all the way back in 2007.

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Check out Soulja Boy's latest claims regarding the impact he feels he's had on hip-hop culture in honor of the rap game's 50th anniversary in the tweets below.

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