Soulja Boy almost fell off his skateboard on stage this weekend and the Southern-bred rapper kept performing.

Soulja Boy Almost Falls Off Skateboard Before Performance

On Sunday (Aug. 13), Soulja Boy uploaded a video on Instagram of himself almost falling off his skateboard during his Soulja World Tour at Summit in Denver. In the flick below, the 33-year-old rhymer can be seen taking his skateboard for a ride before losing his balance and almost tripping and falling on stage. Fortunately, Soulja Boy was able to land on his feet and deliver a phenomenal performance.

"Almost fell off my skateboard lmao [three laughing emojis]," Soulja Boy wrote as the IG post's caption. "I love y’all! [face with sunglasses emoji, heart emoji and muscle emoji] #SouljaWorld tickets in bio [ticket emoji]."

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Soulja Boy Falls Off Skateboard in the Past

Soulja Boy has had a failed attempt on his skateboard before. In April of 2022, the self-proclaimed trendsetter uploaded a since-deleted Instagram Story, which can be seen below, of himself riding his four-wheeler on a half-pipe. Unfortunately, the rapper fell off his skateboard after trying to get back to the other side of the half-pipe.

Soulja Boy Announces Soulja World Tour

On July 17, Soulja Boy hopped on his YouTube to announce his Soulja World Tour, which can be seen below. After telling fans where to purchase their tickets, the TRDR Pocket creator stated 21 seconds into the video that his tour is "about to be a movie."

Draco then said it was "Soulja Season" and revealed that this would be his first time headlining his tour. The rapper also proclaimed that his label, SODMG Records, would also be in the building. The Soulja World Tour kicked off on Aug. 2 at Virginia Street Brewhouse in Reno, Nev. It'll end at The Observatory in Santa Ana, Calif. on Sept. 24. 

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Look at Soulja Boy's almost smooth landing on the stage below.

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