Open Mike Eagle has been teasing his Brick Body Kids Still Daydream album for the past few months, and the project is finally in our hands. The Chicago rapper includes 12 new records for fans, with guest features from the likes of Sammus and Has-Lo.

The Midwestern entertainer crafts the project based around inspiration from Robert Taylor Homes, which is a public housing project on Chicago's south side. The housing project was unfortunately demolished from 1998 to 2007, but Eagle previously said that the album is meant to paint "a vivid, comic book-style reimagining of the Homes," while also serving "a larger commentary on the current political climate and race relations."

The new project follows in the footsteps of his Dark Comedy project from 2014, as well as his Hella Personal Film Festivaalbum with U.K. producer Paul White from last year.

As of right now, Eagle is currently on his Tour of the Robert Taylor Homes Tour across the nation, which is slated to wrap up on Oct. 26 in San Francisco, Calif. Tonight (Sept. 15), he will be hitting up Dallas, Texas, which should be extra exciting for fans because it's the celebration day of his new LP.

Take a listen to Brick Body Kids Still Daydream album in the stream below.

Open Mike Eagle's Brick Body Kids Still Daydream Tracklist

1. "Legendary Iron Hood"
2. "(How Could Anybody) Feel at Home"
3. "Hymnal Feat. Sammus"
4. "No Selling (Uncle Butch Pretending It Dont Hurt)"
5. "Happy Wasteland Day"
6. "Daydreaming in the Projects"
7. "Brick Body Complex"
8. "Tldr (Smithing)"
9. "Breezeway Ritual"
10. "Wedding Ghosts"
11. "95 Radios Feat. Has-Lo"
12. "My Auntie's Building"

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