Nelly and Lil Wayne recently chopped it up on Instagram Live and are being roasted for their lack of knowledge on how to use the app's features.

Rappers conversing among themselves with the world watching on Instagram's Live feature has become commonplace, recently. Last night (Sept. 22), Lil Wayne and Nelly tried their hand at having a Live session and are getting joked for acting like two old men.

"I see stuff coming at the bottom, that's people saying stuff to me and you?" Lil Wayne questions after seeing people's comments populating on the screen.

"Yeah, I think we both on here," Nelly replies. "Yeah, we both on here. They talking to us."

Tune continues to show confusion after noticing Nelly is using a sparkle filter, which apparently Nelly didn't know was on.

"Why everything sparkling on you and stuff?" the Young Money head honcho questions.

"Listen, man. I just told you I don't know what the fuck I'm doing," Nelly says after removing the filter.

The two rap veterans go on the carry on a conversation about music and sports, with fantasy football and a proposed celebrity basketball game featuring the two rappers becoming topics.

Naturally, the internet had a field day joking Nelly and Tune for looking over the hill when it comes to modern technology.

"The fact that Nelly & Lil Wayne dont know how to use IG live is hilarious," one person tweeted along with multiple crying laughing emojis.

"Nelly and lil Wayne on IG LIVE showing they old asf lmaoooooo Nelly called Wayne 'the oldest young nigga' He know," another person posted.

"That video of Lil Wayne & Nelly trying to figure out IG live just made me feel so old," someone else joked.

It's worth pointing out that the two rappers are no longer spring chickens. Nelly is 47 and Lil Wayne turns 40 next week.

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