UPDATE (Aug. 19):

The Game is reacting to his manager Wack 100 saying he removed Game's NBA YoungBoy collab on Drillmatic because YB's fee was too high.

"I ain't never paid for a verse in my life nigga," Game commented on XXL’s Instagram post (see below). "200k for a 16 [crying laughing emojis] never & a day blood !!!"

Check out Game's reaction below.

The Game comments on Wack 100 saying NBA YoungBoy was removed from Drillmactic because he fee was too high.


The Game's YoungBoy Never Broke Again collab from his new album Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind has been removed from streaming services and the Compton, Calif. rapper's manager and business partner Wack 100 is saying he pulled the plug after getting YB's tab for the track.

On Thursday (Aug. 18), Wack 100 was on Clubhouse talking to Ma$e and others when he was asked why the song "O.P.P." featuring YB was no longer on The Game's latest LP. Wack responded he made the decision to nix the track because YB's fee took the album too far over budget.

"Sometimes when it comes down to a situation, that I had to make an executive decision about,"  Wack said. "And in YoungBoy's defense, YoungBoy charge niggas $300,000 a verse. That's what he charge. That's what it is. I can't front, he gave us a helluva deal. But that situation would have cut into marketing overall. So, I had to make an executive decision whether I wanted to pay the tab he sent me, which was a respectable great tab. It was love. I can't front. But, that tab would have cut into that, that and that."

Wack said YB even gave him a 50 percent discount ($150,000), but the invoice was still too much to bear.

"He was gon' do that for the video and everything," Wack added. "Once you go to video and YouTube—he one of the highest streaming individuals on YouTube—you gon' get your money back in the long-run. Plus, now your artist is tapping into that fanbase that he might not have. Nothing against YoungBoy. YoungBoy didn't disrespect us, didn't violate us."

Wack continued, "I would have been able to handle the bill. But, originally, the album was gon' be 20 songs deep. Another 10 songs was added. Six of those was samples. So, some of the budget got ate up in the additional 10, which hindered me from being able to do other things. So that's what that was. It was just a business decision that I had to make."

The Game's new album, which was pushed back twice due to sample clearance issues,  initially contained 31 songs and 32 features. Wack says "O.P.P." will now be replaced by a solo version. The Nipsey Hussle collab "World Tours" has also been cut from the album after Nipsey Hussle's brother got the song removed.

Hear Wack 100 Explain Why He Removed NBA YoungBoy From The Game's New Album Below

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