The rap game is a multilayered sport, filled with talented MCs from all parts of the world. And as some of them began to rise to fame during certain parts of their careers, there were fiery tensions between themselves and other rhymers—regardless of the coasts they hailed from.

Look at Common and Ice Cube's feud in the 1990s, which seemingly stemmed from a misunderstanding, but resulted in ominous disses being spewed back and forth and ultimately ceasing thanks to the Honorable Louis Farrakhan intervening. Jay-Z and Nas' beef was also a wild moment in the 1990s, which kicked off as a result of wicked diss tracks in the form of "Takeover" and "Ether," respectively.

Then there's Jeezy and Gucci Mane launching their careers in Georgia in the 2000s with one of their biggest records "Icy" and later being on the worst possible terms as a result of a failed robbery attempt that ended in a death. And as a surprise to most, the two were able to clear the smoke during a Verzuz battle in November of 2020Drake and Meek Mill also had a rift that started by the latter airing out issues on social media then the OVO leader taking aim at the Philly MC on a Jumbotron in the middle of Hot 97's annual Summer Jam concert in front of thousands of people.

Some rap beefs remained on wax for countless years while others unfortunately became physical. And although several of the feuds displayed an incomprehensible level of lyrical savagery, which is what hip-hop culture thrived off at one point during its evolution, it almost seemed like some of these rappers would come to blows—or worse.

But in the end, some of your favorite rappers, who couldn't even be in the same room together, found a way to either extend or accept an olive branch and allow bygones to be bygones.

Check out some of the momental moments where rappers squashed beefs they had with one another below.

Here Are the Monumental Moments Rappers Squashed Beef

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