As many people across the U.S. prepare for Thanksgiving, Meek Mill is going viral for a tweet calling the holiday a farce.

On Monday (Nov. 21), Meek Mill fielded questions from fans during a Q&A session on Twitter in preparation for his new mixtape Flamerz 5. One fan asked the Philly rapper what he would be doing on Thanksgiving, which got a rise from the Dreamchasers boss.

"Thanksgiving fake," Meek Mill replied. "The pilgrims killed the Indians I still remember them books from school horrible I got Indian friends …. My family might link up!"

By saying the holiday is fake, Meek is presumably commenting on the narrative that the Pilgrims and Native Americans were on one accord and lived peacefully, when in actuality, for the most part, the Native Americans were slaughtered by the Pilgrims and had their land taken. Nevertheless, Meek's comment sparked tons of reactions on social media, with many people taking exception to Meek's use of the term Indian instead of Native American.

"Mans said 'thanksgiving is a lie but fuck it, pass me my low vibrational plate' meek mill is not real," one person tweeted.

"Native Americans, not Indians know what you’re talking about before you act like you care," another person added.

"'My family might link up' 'Indians' his heart always in the right place but the execution be so wrong," someone else replied to his comment.

On Tuesday (Nov. 22), Meek Mill commented on an Instagram video of a rapper juxtaposing the slaughter of the Native Americans with Thanksgiving.

"This what I was trying to say about thanksgiving," Meek tweeted. "I was just with some people from London, they don’t even celebrate that shit lol I never thought about if they did either."

Meek Mill's Q&A session also went viral after he revealed his song "Going Bad" with Drake made $24 million but he has no idea how much he personally made off the track.

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