Meek Mill is the latest rapper to have his mind blown by a song created using A.I. but this time, it's not the Philadelphia rapper's likeness being generated by computers, it's his dead father's voice.

On Wednesday (May 10), Meek Mill hit up Twitter to express feelings of shock and bewilderment upon hearing the voice of his late father rapping over an instrumental to Snoop Dogg's 1999 Dr. Dre-produced track, "B***h Please." Meek's dad, Robert Parker, was killed when the rhymer was just a child as evidenced by his lyrics on the song "Traumatized" from his classic album, Dreams and Nightmares.

In a tweet captioned with "A.I. wrote a rap about my dad and this what he said WTF," Meek shared the surfaced audio clip below, which also features a still image of the late Robert Parker mouthing the newly created lyrics.

“I died in a shootout, just tryin’ to feed my fam," Meek Mill's late father can be heard rapping with the use of A.I. "But death couldn’t stop me, I’m back in the lab/My son Meek Mill, he’s the light of my life/Gotta watch over him, I’m back from the afterlife/I’m Big Robbie and I’m back with a plan/I’m comin’ back to life to see my fam/My soul’s come alive, I’m gonna make it right/Back from the grave, I’m gonna fight the fight.”

The computer-generated use of Meek Mill's deceased dad's voice is just the latest in a long line of controversial rap songs that have been created with A.I. technology posthumously. Most recently, Timbaland caught a significant amount of backlash by using artificial intelligence to generate a collab with The Notorious B.I.G. in order to fulfill his longtime dream of working with the late Brooklyn MC.

Listen to the A.I. Song Using Meek Mill's Dead Father's Voice and See the Rapper's Reaction to It Below

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