It looks like Lil Uzi Vert has a new job. The Philadelphia rapper was filmed tattooing an Anarchy symbol on a man.

On Thursday (April 6), Instagram account RapTV posted a video of Lil Uzi Vert at the tattoo shop 6 Skulls in New York City tattooing a man identified as Joe (Joseph Grazi on Instagram). But what's even more interesting is what Uzi is tattooing on his client. It appears that the Philly rapper tattooed an Anarchy symbol (the capital letter "A" in a circle) on his left shoulder. You can watch the video at the bottom of the post.

Interestingly, Uzi has been accused of rapping satanic lyrics in his songs, particularly on a song that he debuted at the 2023 Rolling Loud California festival that contained the lyrics, "I made a City Girl believe in Satan."

The Eternal Atake rapper has since denied that he loves Satan. "Not actually Satan, but just basically, I make a girl do whatever I say-so," explained Lil Uzi Vert about the lyric.

As for people suggesting that he's a worshipper of Lucifer, he said: "I just say whatever I want in my songs," he added. "It's just like my freedom of speech. I come from a real religious household. But, me finally living my life and being an adult, I actually just kinda say anything I want to say. Even if I offend people, I don't mean to offend people. But if they don't like it, they have the option to turn it off...They probably need to just chill a little bit."

The tattoo shop 6 Skulls appears to be Lil Uzi Vert's favorite hang-out spot. He and a licensed piercer who goes by @fambie on her IG account have struck up a genuine friendship. So far, @fambie has performed six dermal piercings on the "Just Wanna Rock" rapper's face. Check out a video below.

Watch Lil Uzi Vert Tattoo an Anarchy Symbol on a Man Below

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