Young Thug's YSL RICO case continues to move at a snail's pace, as both sides have yet to select a jury over three months into the trial. The most recent hearing featured one of the lawyer's in the case breaking out slang while addressing the judge.

The saga continues for Young Thug and his 13 codefendants. On Monday (April 17), Thugger was in court for another hearing as both sides presented motions to Judge Ural Glanville. During the hearing, a lawyer took to the podium to state his case and called cap on information that was previously presented.

"I will start by saying that this assertion that I did not mention before pr-argument...," the lawyer began.

"Don't worry about that, OK," Judge Glanville interjected. "Because I'd have to do it anyway. So, don't even worry about that."

"I was just saying, it's not true" the lawyer followed up.  "It's cap, to be honest."

The YSL RICO case has featured a number of wild moments. Last December, a court hearing was interrupted when someone played a sexually explicit video during a Zoom meeting. In January, the judge recited lyrics to Young Thug's song "Slime Sh!t" in court. A week later, Judge Glanville ordered a juror to write a 30-page essay for missing jury duty. A week after that, Thug was caught on camera being handed a prescription pill by one of his codefendants. Most recently, a juror was jailed for filming court proceedings.

See Video of a Lawyer in the YSL RICO Case Calling Cap During a Court Hearing Below

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