A story of an older man marrying his much younger goddaughter has gone viral and it apparently hits home for Kodak Black.

In an Instagram post that Kodak shared this week, which is no longer on his actual page, but began circulating online on Wednesday (Oct. 20), the rapper reveals that he relates to the story of a 61-year-old Florida man marrying an 18-year-old goddaughter.

Yak captioned the report of the unorthodox nuptial and said, "SMH, My Daddy Did This Same Shit ! Left Us To Start A New Family Wit His Goddaughter I Was Bout 9 But I Ain't Judging Nobody Tho , To Each's Own It Could Be True Love."

And as for the couple with the more than 40-year age difference, they both caught flak, primarily the husband, Michael Haugabook, who received criticism for marrying Deja Haugabook, whom he's known her entire life and even allegedly dated her mother prior to their marriage.

However, Deja is disregarding the outside noise and is pleased with her family and decision. She wrote in a Facebook post: "People love to call me a child because I’m 18. First of all, I’m grown asf. I take care of all my four kids, work full time, have cars paid in full … So you hoes continue to hate on the REALEST B*TCH because I am a QUEEN no peasant."

The post, which according to The Neighborhood Talk gossip page on Instagram, has a date of Oct. 15, but isn't currently available on Deja's page.

Meanwhile, the husband chimed in as well in a post also shared by The Neighborhood Talk's IG, which read, "It seem like I’m the only nigga in this town [to] have married a young woman, but since it’s me they got to have something to talk about. Look like you little girls are jealous of my wife, but keep on promoting us. I love it."

Project Baby recently made headlines himself for touching his mother inappropriately and trying to kiss her on the mouth while they shared a dance at a celebration for the Broward County, Fla. artist's brother.

And on the music tip, Kodak's music is clearly enjoyed far and wide as a St. Louis police officer was spotted days ago rapping "No Flockin" in his patrol car.

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