Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censori were recently accosted by a homeless man who went off on the couple in a scathing tirade that mentioned Lucifer, Playboi Carti and others.

Man Goes Off on Kanye West and Wife

On Monday (Jan. 22), TMZ obtained video of an eyebrow-raising video that shows Kanye West and his wife being berated by a random man on the street. In the video, which can be seen below, Ye and Bianca are leaving an establishment in Los Angeles when a man runs down on the couple and gives them a mouthful.

"You trying to copy the White boys so f**king bad. You ain't shit, boy," the man yells as Ye and his wife look on in confusion. The couple get in their car, but that doesn't stop the man from going off.

"He thinks he's so smart, so new, so nifty. You ain't s**t, boy," the man continues. "And Playboi Carti, too. A little f**kboy. I am a god. Lucifer, homie...It's one god, I guarantee you it's me...I ain't no Kid Cudi, dawg. I'm the realest."

The man goes on to tell Kanye he's been homeless for the past 12 years and hasn't listened to any of Ye's music since 2007. The rapper watches on from the safe confines of his vehicle before eventually hearing enough and driving off.

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Kanye West and Wife Go Viral

Kanye West and his wife have been in the headlines multiple times recently. Earlier this month, he shared NSFW photos of her on Instagram. A week later, they were spotted in Las Vegas, and again Bianca was scantily clad. Over the weekend, Ye shared more semi-nude photos of Bianca on social media.

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See video of a man screaming on Kanye West and his wife below.

Watch Kanye West and Bianca Censori Being Berated by a Man on the Street

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