Kanye West appears to be boasting about having sex with a Jewish woman on a song snippet that leaked online.

Kanye West Boasts About Having Sex With a Jewish Woman on Song Snippet

While working on his music project in Saudi Arabia, one of Kanye West's songs may have leaked onto the Internet. On Thursday (Nov. 16), a snippet of an unreleased track popped up on social media featuring Ye denying that he's anti-Semitic.

In the clip, which you can listen to below, faint lyrics can heard of Kanye possibly denying that he's anti-Semitic because he's had sexual relations with a Jewish woman.

"...Anti-Semitic, I just f**ked a Jewish b***h, I just f**ked a Jewish b***h," the Chicago rapper-producer boasts repeatedly on the snippet.

Apparently, the music from Kanye's recording studio is so loud that it is disturbing a neighbor, who is visibly upset in the video as well.

It's unclear what Kanye meant by his lyrics about sleeping with a Jewish woman. Ye's wife, Bianca Censori, has never publicly confirmed or denied being Jewish.

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Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign Are Working on Their Joint Album in Saudi Arabia

Song snippets aside, Kanye West is reportedly working with Ty Dolla $ign on their still-untitled collaborative album in Saudi Arabia. Last week, a video appeared on social media of Ty Dolla pausing his show to tell fans that the album is almost finished.

"I just landed on a flight from Saudi Arabia," he told the crowd. "I've been out there recording a part of my album with my brother Ye. And that's coming real soon."

There's no official word if their duet album will drop before the end of the year. Kanye is reportedly looking for a distribution partner for the project.

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Check out Kanye West's weird song snippet where he's boasting about sleeping with a Jewish woman below.

Listen to Kanye West's Song Snippet

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