Fans are still awaiting for Jazz Cartier to drop his Fleurever album, but over the weekend (May 18), he dropped off a new single called "Godflower." The new track, which is slated to be featured on the Canadian rapper's forthcoming album, hears Cartier in a somber light while he spits some rhymes about his days before fame.

The upbeat track features the "Right Now" entertainer lacing the beat with some metaphorical and story-telling rhymes over autotune.

"I’m the big dipper/Cartier don’t got no time for no bitch nigga," he spits. "Pain heavy on the brain, so I sip liquor/When I was broke, used to dream like a rich nigga/'Rents touchin’ from the days I used to miss dinner/Ex beggin’ for me back, but I don’t miss her."

Cartier is still preparing his anticipated Fleurever album following his Capitol Records signing, and while it was slated for a 2017 release, fans still are in the dark on an official release date. The rapper previously revealed that he has some big names on the project, but there's no confirmation of what the tracklist will look like as of yet.

Listen to Jazz Cartier's new song "Godflower" below to get another taste of what's to come on his Fleurever project.

Capitol Records
Capitol Records

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