Most celebrities would get a bit anxious once their old tweets resurface, but Ice Spice’s past Twitter posts haven’t put her in hot water. In fact, as her tweets have made their fair share of rounds on social media lately, internet detectives have come to the conclusion that she should only be celebrated and not canceled because of how hilarious her aged posts are.

Granted, Ice’s ascension is still rather new. Credited to the 2022 release of "Munch (Feelin’ U)" and the rise of The Bronx’s drill wave, she blew up last year. So many of her throwback posts are actually from the late 2010s and early 2020s, where she was still young, in school and manifesting her future as an artist. But that's just a testament to how quickly things can change.

Some of her most hilarious thoughts came from simply engaging with her peers on the platform. Take for example back in 2018, where a Twitter user posted that they didn't like therapy. Ice used that moment to reveal that she walked away from treatment, writing, "Had to stop going cus I was lying 2 da lady." An instance in which people got a kick out of Ice's candid reaction.

That's just a small glimpse into a Twitter archive that has now worked in Ice Spice's favor as a mainstream artist who has charted on Billboard, collaborated with hip-hop legends and got a personal invite to the annual Met Gala. Now that she's in the clear for her old posts, it’s time to look back at what her unshielded personality was like pre-fame. A solid handful of tweets included in this article have gone viral, and others XXL dug up. Check out Ice Spice's funniest tweets from back in the day.

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