Ice Spice is under fire for having an underage girl twerking in her video for the new single "Deli."

Ice Spice Releases "Deli" Video, Faces Backlash

On Wednesday (July 26), Ice Spice released the music video for "Deli," one of the tracks off her Like..? deluxe. As one could predict, the visual is mostly shot in a bodega and features multiple twerking women. However, one of the people seen shaking their derriere in the video happens to be 16-year-old TikToker Aya Tanjali. Tanjali is seen in multiple scenes in the video on all fours on top of a counter twerking.

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People on Social Media Are Outraged

People on Twitter have been coming at Ice Spice for allowing a teenager to act in such a way in her video.

"NOOOO!!!! AYA TANJALI IS 16!!!!!" one fan tweeted.

"Yeah you mad weird for having a 16 year old child doing all that in your [music video] i'm not even gonna hold you," another post reads.

"I’m actually kinda disgusted that ice spice had that lil girl twerking in her music video but let me not say too much," someone else opined.

XXL has reached out  to Ice Spice's team for comment.

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Check out the backlash Ice Spice is facing for having a 16-year-old twerk in her "Deli" video below.

See Reactions to 16-Year-Old Aya Tanjali Twerking in Ice Spice's New Video Below

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