Ice Cube stated in an interview this week that he believes there's an Illuminati, but has never met anyone from the secret group.

Ice Cube Says There's Probably an Illuminati

On Tuesday (July 11), Ice Cube sat down with The Breakfast Club's hosts, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy, to discuss his basketball league, Big3, celebrating hip-hop's 50th anniversary, gatekeepers and so much more. However, at the 34:32 mark of the video below, Charlamagne Tha God asked the rapper-turned-actor if there's an Illuminati. Cube responded by saying that he believes the secret society exists.

"Probably so," Ice Cube stated in the video.

Cube also said he's never met anyone from the Illuminati and would be blindsided if he did. The N.W.A member then clarified that he doesn't know anything about the group because he's not a part of it.

"I don't know one, none of them, none of them tell me 'Hey, I'm Illuminati," Ice Cube said. "I don't participate in none of that, so, I don't know about it. Seem like its there, but who knows?"

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Jay Electronica Encounters Illuminati

Ice Cube isn't the only rapper to recently speak on the Illuminati. Back in March, Jay Electronica went on Twitter and claimed in a since-deleted tweet that he encountered the Illuminati. After meeting up with some members of the enigmatic group, Jay said they didn't wow him.

"Ps, The Illuminati? I met em," Jay Electronica wrote amid several other tweets. "They ain't all that. Ask em about me."

Illuminati is a secret society that allegedly controls the world and seeks a New World Order.

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See Ice Cube say he believes there's an Illuminati, but has never met anyone from the group below.

Watch Ice Cube Say He Believes There's an Illuminati, But Has Never Met Anyone From the Group Below

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