Charlamagne Tha God is willing to put his money where his mouth is after jokingly making a bet that he would "suck some dick" if Kanye West were to get back with Adidas.

On Tuesday (Feb. 28), Charlamagne Tha God was a guest on Andrew Schulz's Flagrant With Akaash Singh podcast where he made the hilariously bold claim. During a conversation about the chances of Ye going back to Adidas after they terminated their partnership last October due to the rapper's anti-Semitic comments, The Breakfast Club cohost was asked what he was willing to bet that wouldn't happen.

"I'll suck some dick," Charlamagne said around the 1:28:52 mark of the podcast episode (below) before busting out into laughter. "That's how sure I am. It's not happening, yo. Neither one of those things are happening. So, I'm confident with that bet. It's not happening."

Charlamagne said reports of Kanye and Adidas recently coming to an agreement to sell the existing Yeezy stock does not count.

"That's different," he continued. "I've seen that story. But I don't know if that story is true, either."

"I don't think Adidas risks their overall brand doing something like that," Charlamagne continued. "This is a company that makes $20 billion a year in revenue. Not saying that $1 billion isn't a loss. But y'all making it seem like Adidas is going under...Why would a company that's bringing in $20 billion in revenue risk bringing in one guy that's gonna probably ostracize so many people away from your brand?"

Charlamagne has made bold claims like this before. He made a similar bet after 6ix9ine got arrested in 2018, saying he would orally service Tekashi if he beat his charges. After 6ix9ine was released from jail after cooperating with the government, he reminded Charlamagne about the bet.

See Charlamagne Tha God Betting Fellatio That Kanye West Will Not Get Back With Adidas Below

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