Jay Electronica finally released his long awaited debut album, A Written Testimony, on Friday (March 13). The LP features several uncredited verses from Elec's Roc Nation boss, Jay-Z. While some see it as a blessing to be able to get Hov on multiple tracks, others think it was a bad idea. Joe Budden is in the latter group.

Budden aired out his issues with the new album on the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, which premiered on Saturday (March 14). While discussing the album, both co-hosts Rory and Mal agreed that it was risky putting one of rap's G.O.A.T.s on so many songs because there was such a high probability to get outshined.

"It is a mistake," Joe opined around the 32:30 mark. "As a rapper, I'm telling you, he got smacked around [by Jay-Z]."

Joe continued on about the elevated status Jay Elec receives despite his small body of work.

"Granted, this is hate, but it's rapper hate," Joe said of his opinion. "Because, when y'all move the goalpost, as a rapper, I see it. For the last decade, y'all have mentioned Jay Elec with Hov. And Jay Elec positions himself that way on arguably one of the greatest tracks ever on 'Exhibit C.' That is God level rhyming."

As for his overall impression of the album, Budden was even less impressed. His opinion finally bubbled over around the 41:45 mark.

"I hate this album. Fuck what y'all talking 'bout. I hate it," Joe said before correcting himself. "Hate is my underwhelmed. For me to say I'm underwhelmed, I didn't go into it expecting anything."

Check out Joe's opinion of Jay Elec's new album below.

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