Finesse2Tymes has been accused of scamming a promotor by sending an impersonator to perform for him.

On Thursday night (May 4), Finesse2Tymes was scheduled to perform at a club in Huntsville, Al. Fans showed up. And someone performed. Only it wasn't Finesse2Tymes. Video from the show shows a man of similar stature to Finesse onstage wearing a balaclava mask and Finesse2Tymes' jewelry. He is even performing Finesse songs. However, it was not the "Back End" rapper.

In the video, people in the crowd can be heard voicing doubt about the person performing being Finesse2Tymes.

"Oh my God, that's not him," a perturbed female voice can be heard saying.

Following the show, video surfaced of Finesse2Tymes arguing with the show promotor about the incident on FaceTime. People have also claimed it was in fact Finesse2Tymes' brother performing in the rapper's place. One of the hosts of the event, Kendra Fletcher, then called the rapper out on Facebook.

"So the mfs really gon bring a MF that’s not Finesse2Tymes my brother BIG V that brought him have every right to be mad," Fletcher posted. "N***a made a drop and everything Hell I’m mad for him cause he paid that man 20k UPFRONT got the receipt and 20k on the back end that lil b***h with the short blonde hair they brought with the FAKE took the money from him that he gave to him in the back I SEEN IT with my own eyes and drove TF off when everybody was trying to stop the car they was in OUTSIDE as they was pullin off. So a total of 40k down the drain that they spent smh."

Finesse2Tymes has put out a statement about the incident on his Instagram Story.

"Just before anybody do anything. Just in case they post. I'm out here, in the city," he says in the video. "I'm at the Spring Hill Suites. Just in case a n***a say I didn't pull up to they city. I came."

Finesse appears to claim the person performing was his opening act and not an impersonator.

"I let my opening act come on stage," he continued. "That n***a was drunk and full of that Fentanyl and damn-near died. I'm gone."

He wrote over the video: "Huntsville, I showed up tonight and due to unforeseen circumstances I wasn't able to perform. But I got y'all @bodeanjohnson @awardboomin on the next show in Huntsville and surrounding areas."

XXL has reached out to Finesse2Tymes' team for comment.

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