D.C. rapper Fat Trel drops his first song since being released from jail. "First Day Out (F*ck 12)," which is produced by Yung Lan, finds Trel rapping about his struggles while in jail, writing 100 songs while being behind bars and his disdain for the cops.

"Hit me on my cellphone, I got it for sale/I got it from Cali I just got it out the mail/Started with an ounce and I turned that to a bail/Police pull you over, you did not get this from Trel/F-U-C-K 12," he spits on the hook.

In April 2016, Trel was arrested on DWI and narcotics distribution charges a few weeks after being caught trying to exchange counterfeit money at a casino. After over a year in prison, he was officially released last week. The MMG rapper, born Matrell R. Reeves, made the announcement on Instagram.

Trel's most recent mixtape is 2016’s SDMG 2Hopefully fans get more music from him soon. Welcome home, Gleesh!

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