Lyrics Drake wrote when he was a teenager have surfaced after being found in a dumpster and are going to be sold for five-figures.

On Wednesday (Dec. 28), TMZ first reported popular auction house Moments in Time has acquired the hand-written lyrics after they were pulled out of a trashcan. MIT tells the celebrity news site Drizzy was working at his uncle's Memphis furniture factory before the fame, where he apparently penned the rhymes. After the factory closed down, the pages were found in a dumpster. They will soon go on sale for the asking price of $20,000, XXL has confirmed with Moments in Time.

One of the songs in the song sheets (which you can check out below) is titled "Come Spring," which eventually morphed into "Come Winter" from Drake's debut 2006 mixtape Room for Improvement.

This isn't the first time old Drake lyrics have been up for sale. Back in 2018, an old journal belonging to the rap star was being sold on Moments in Time for $54,000. The notebook included the Canadian MC's version of The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Ten Crack Commandments" titled "10 Mack Commandments."

Four months later, Nate D. Sanders Auctions got its hands on hand-written Room for Improvement lyrics. Former Drake frequent collaborator Nickelus F. came out to say some of the lyrics were actually from his mixtape Cut the Check, which dropped in 2005.

Moments in Time frequently gets hip-hop related memorabilia. In 2018, they were selling a Tupac Shakur love letter written when the rap icon was still in high school. In 2016, they auctioned off a bullet-dented pendant that belonged to the late rapper.

Drake's Teenage Lyrics Surface After Being Found in a Dumpster

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