Over 20 years after his death and material from Tupac Shakur is still in high demand. The latest thing owned by the rapper to hit the auction block are two love letters the MC wrote to a crush while in high school.

The rap icon penned the letters back in 1985 while he was a freshman at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Baltimore, Md. The letters are addressed to a young lady named Averel. The first one finds 'Pac introducing himself. In the second letter, the "I Get Around" rapper lays his mack down. Averel sold the documents to internet auction house Moments in Time who have dealt a number of pieces from the late rapper in the past. According to the woman, she was not very impressed by 'Pac's advances at the time, reports TMZ.

Tupac memorabilia has been popping up left and right over the years. Most recently, a bullet-dented medallion and handwritten song lyrics were donated to Temple University. Earlier this year, his contract for the album Thug Life: Vol. 1 was on the auction block. Other items include platinum plaques, handwritten essays, his workout bench, Poetic Justice contract and more.

In other Tupac-related news, the rapper's estate was recently awarded unreleased music and royalties in a settlement with Entertainment One. It is currently unclear if or when the music will be made available to the public.

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