Update (June 23, 2018):

After reports surfaced of Drake's notebook of handwritten lyrics being up for auction, one of the rapper's former frequent collaborators is questioning some of the items in the sale. Richmond, Va. rapper, Nickelus F, who appeared on four songs on Room for Improvement, tweeted that some of the songs noted as Drizzy's were actually his.

"It says that it also has lyrics for songs that aren’t on the project which include 'Military Brat Freestyle' and 'Light That Fire.' Those were my songs tho, so how?" he tweeted, adding, "They were on my mixtape Cut The Check. The 'Military Brat Freestyle' was over a Kool Keith beat, not that I expect yall to know that or even who he is. 'Light that Fire' is what eventually became 'AM 2 PM.' And the 'Grind Freestyle' was my joint as well. He added a verse to it."

Nick concluded, "I ain’t saying it was no foul business, we was cool then. Lol. I’m just saying those were my songs so it’s interesting."

Check out Nick's tweets below.

Original Story: Before Drake was possibly the most famous rapper on the planet, he was a teen actor on the show, Degrassi: The Next Generation, with dreams to make it big in music. Many people think the breakout project, So Far Gone, is his debut release, but in actuality, while Drizzy was still acting he put out the rarely-mentioned mixtape, Room for Improvement, in 2006. An auction house has gotten its hands on Aubrey's notebook containing handwritten lyrics from the tape, and the piece of hip-hop history is currently up for grabs.

The blue Spiral-bound Hilroy-brand notebook is in the possession of Nate D. Sanders Auctions, and reveals a lot of details about Drake's first introduction into the music world. The pages are flooded with penned lyrics as well as a tracklist and many notes. "You Need: The Greatest Song Ever...Maxwell or D'Angelo Feature, Andre 3000 Produced Track, Indie Arie Feature, Usher Feature, Voyce Feature," Drizzy notes to himself on one page.

There are also philosophical musings like, "When you understand life is when you can relax because everything you can ever want or be you already have and are."  The bid for the notebook is starting at $8,000. The auction ends on Thursday (June 28).

This isn't the first time an auction house has gotten its hands an old notebook from the "I'm Upset" rapper. Back in February, Moments In Time auctioned a journal that belonged to the Toronto rapper that contained old lyrics for an asking price of $54,000.

Check out Drake's handwritten Room for Improvement lyrics below.

See Drake's Handwritten Room For Improvement Lyrics Being Auctioned

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