Drake once again finds himself sliding into Rihanna's Instagram Live comments.

On Sunday (March 29), screenshots surfaced of a recent interaction between Bad Gal RiRi and Kevin Durant. The pop star jokingly inquired about the status of his coronavirus diagnosis.

“Is KD allowed in here?” she asked. “Should I wear a mask to live?”

She added, “But foreal get well soon KD.”

KD later ribbed Rihanna with the response, “Yo Robyn didn’t u just come from Europe?...That 'Rona was lurkin over there in December."

That's when Drake chimed in out of nowhere, “We have to dead the treyfive corona jokes.”

It is unclear if he got a response.

Last week, Rihanna was on DJ Spade's Instagram Live when Drizzy popped up and prompted her to drop her long-awaited new album.

"Rihanna drop R12 right now," Drake wrote in the comments.

“Night owl, just go and drink lil chamomile and grease ya scalp,” Rihanna responded to Drizzy.

They continued the back and forth with some people calling their interaction flirty.

“Hahahahahhahahaha yo you have a bad attitude @badgalriri,” Drizzy said in response. RiRi replied, “Give drake some water.”

With no shows taking place and most people practicing self-isolation, rappers are having to come up with creative ways to pass the time. In February, Drake, who had a coronavirus scare of his own, revealed he was finishing his new album. With nothing but time on his hands, hopefully, it will be completed sooner than later.

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