Drake recently gave fans a closer look at his family in a new photo while celebrating Adonis' 6th birthday.

Drake Celebrates Adonis' 6th Birthday With Cute Family Photo

On Thursday (Oct. 12), Drake hopped on his Instagram Story and shared a family photo in celebration of his son Adonis' 6th birthday. In the pic, Drizzy is all smiles as he hugs his mother, Sandi Graham, and Adonis' mother, Sophie Brussaux.

Also featured in the photo is, presumably, Sophie's mother and father. The birthday boy, meanwhile, is in his pajamas and giving the camera the fist. The post, which can be viewed below, is captioned, "The BIG 6'errrrer."

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Drake Gives His Son Some Shine in "8AM in Charlotte" Video

It's no secret that Drake adores Adonis; he's the apple of his eye. So it's only right that he would feature Drizzy Jr. in his "8AM in Charlotte" music video. At the beginning of the visual, Adonis carefully explained the drawing that appears on the cover of the For All the Dogs album. It turns out that the animal in the drawing is not a dog, but a goat.

"So, the goat was running away from the other monsters and the other animals," Adonis explained in the video below. "A flower blocking the way. So, the flower is on fire. The racing car was maybe helping the goat. And there was some stairs, like some jail stairs. And there was one person who was, like, on top. And he got killed by the stick, by the track."

Drake then asked some questions about the artwork.

"Daddy's name is next to the goat. Does that mean daddy is the goat?" he asked.

"So it's daddy Goat," Adonis confirmed.

Drake secured the goat image for a hefty price but the 6 God's son was mum when asked about his commission.

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Peep Drake's family photo below.

See Drake Give a Closer Look at His Family in New Photo Celebrating Adonis' 6th Birthday

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