Controversial YouTuber Charleston White is confused as to why people want Diddy in jail.

Charleston White Shares Thoughts on Diddy in Light of His Assault on Cassie

On Monday (May 20), Charleston White shared his thoughts on the latest situation involving Diddy and his ex-girlfriend Cassie, in which surveillance video emerged over the weekend of Diddy brutally beating the R&B singer in a hotel hallway in 2016. Diddy apologized for the video and for his behavior, and White said in his video shared to social media that the apology was unnecessary.

"This is all I'm gonna say," White began. "She wanted some money. Obviously, she didn't want Puffy to go jail. Why are y'all wishin' jail on Puffy? Not one time did that girl call the police on P. Diddy, Sean Combs, Brother Love. Not one time. I know a lot of relationships, all they do is fight and f**k, f**k and fight. Sometimes I know a n***a get in a relationship so long n***as start a good fight so we can do some good f**kin' and after the n***a get tired of good f**kin' the other n***a go back to doing some good fightin'."

Charleston went on to say that many artists, even female rappers, discuss bad relationships in their music. "So that's a lot of toxic relationships they rap about it in the songs," he continued. "See Sexyy Red, GloRilla talk about their toxic relationships where you beat them they beats you, all the kinda s**t. So all I'm sayin' is, n***a you ain't never had a billion dollars. Ain't no tellin' how I might treat my b***h if I get a billion dollars, n***a, please. The f**k is you talkin' about? N***a, you broke and be wanting to kick your b***hes a*s!"

He also explained that Diddy and Cassie were partying together and that Cassie was "down with the freaky, too. "There's always two sides of the coin" since she "wasn't complaining about the fun part," Charleston added.

"I'm just saying, a billion dollars?" he concluded. "Puffy, I wouldn't apologize to no son of a b***h with a billion dollars. I wouldn't give a damn."

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Diddy Apologizes for Video Showing Him Abusing Cassie

White's comments come after Diddy did in fact apologize on May 20 for abusing Cassie in a 2016 surveillance video. The brutal attack video was obtained by CNN on May 17.

"It's so difficult to reflect on the darkest times in your life, but sometimes you got to do that," Diddy said in his video. "I was f**ked up—I hit rock bottom—but I make no excuses. My behavior on that video is inexcusable. I take full responsibility for my actions in that video," he continued. "I was disgusted then when I did it. I'm disgusted now."

Following the video's release, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office issued a statement that said Diddy can't be prosecuted for his alleged abuse of Cassie because of the statute of limitations.

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Check out Charleston White explaining that he's confused about why people want Diddy in jail below.

Watch Charleston White Say He's Confused About Why People Want Diddy to Go to Jail

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